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Note: If you transfer money or chips with strangers it is possible that they can cheat you. We recommend you to make face to face deals so that nobody can cheat you.

सूचना : अगर आप किसी अनजान व्यक्ति को चिप्स या पैसे ट्रांसफर कर रहे हों तो वो आपके साथ चीटिंग भी कर सकता है, इसलिये हमारा यह अनुरोध है कि आप रूबरू व सावधानी से डील करें, ताकि आपके साथ धोखा न हों ।
ચેતવણી : જો તમે કોઈ અજાણ્યા માણસ જોઙે ચીપ્સ અથવા પઈસા નો લેન દેન કરશો તો એમા તમારી સાથે કઈંક ચીટીંગ પણ થઈ સકે છે, માટે તમને કેહવૂ છે ક રૂબરૂ અથવા તો કાલજી થી લેન દેન કરો,જે કઈંક ધોકો ન થાય ।
Every negative report for a dealer will give him 5 dislikes. Please do not indulge in cheating. WARNING: Entrants trying to manipulate the system and registering in multiple names will find their account deactivated and deleted. DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT.. Buysellchips.co.in - - - SAM JOHN
Name Nikul Sinh Chauhan
City Hello friends Main nikul sinh Chauhan Indore place se hoon Maire pass har tarh ki teen patti chips milge Agr kisi bhai ko chips chiye ho toh call ya WhatsApp kare 9649354280 Maire pass aapko 101 percent chips milge
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Chips 18 Billion
Price Per Crore 2 Rs.
Message Gujarat and All Worlds chips selling Rate list Rs 250 100 crore Rs 500 250 crore Rs 800 500 crore Rs 1100 1000 crore rs 2000 2500 crore Payment options Airtel money Paytm wallet Bank transfer
Post Date 07-11-2018
Post Time 10:21 AM
Contact Number 9649354280
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