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Note: If you transfer money or chips with strangers it is possible that they can cheat you. We recommend you to make face to face deals so that nobody can cheat you.

सूचना : अगर आप किसी अनजान व्यक्ति को चिप्स या पैसे ट्रांसफर कर रहे हों तो वो आपके साथ चीटिंग भी कर सकता है, इसलिये हमारा यह अनुरोध है कि आप रूबरू व सावधानी से डील करें, ताकि आपके साथ धोखा न हों ।
ચેતવણી : જો તમે કોઈ અજાણ્યા માણસ જોઙે ચીપ્સ અથવા પઈસા નો લેન દેન કરશો તો એમા તમારી સાથે કઈંક ચીટીંગ પણ થઈ સકે છે, માટે તમને કેહવૂ છે ક રૂબરૂ અથવા તો કાલજી થી લેન દેન કરો,જે કઈંક ધોકો ન થાય ।
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Name Raju Bhai Patel
City Gujarat Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh Odisha Rajasthan Haryana Delhi Punjab all city all world Teen Patti game ke chips dealer Raju Bhai Patelcall me 8290149729
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Chips 2 Billion
Price Per Crore 2 Rs.
Message guys this is raju bhai patel Call me 8290,149729 and i want to sell my chips with a trustful business i have both octro gold ultimate Indian Poker chips Seller my profile im a business person and i own the shop of cloths which name is atti
Post Date 05-12-2018
Post Time 07:37 PM
Contact Number 8290149720
Email rajubhaipatel12345678912@gmail.com
Facebook Username Rajuu
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